Alison Cohen

Strategic Advisor - Bike Share Services

Alison Cohen is a Strategic Advisor of Bike Share Services for Toole Design Group. With 15 years of varied business and non-profit experience, including over 5 in the emerging industry of bike share, she has arguably the most broad and deep experience in bike sharing in the United States and globally. She was formerly the President of Alta Bicycle Share, where she led the procurement, negotiations, sponsorship and launch phases of Melbourne Bike Share in Australia, Capital Bikeshare in Washington, DC, Hubway in Boston and New York’s Citi Bike. She has also consulted with several cities in the U.S. and internationally to advise on feasibility, create business models and governance structures, and address a wide variety of implementation issues faced by different municipalities.

Prior to her career in bike sharing, she has an undergraduate degree in Physics, a Master’s degree from MIT, played professional tennis and was an investment banker with Goldman Sachs.