Frank Proulx to Join Transportation Research Board Committee on Pedestrians

We are pleased to announce that Toole Design’s Data Science Practice Lead, Frank Proulx, PhD., is joining the Transportation Research Board’s (TRB) Committee on Pedestrians. Jennifer Toole congratulated Frank on this prestigious appointment, noting that, “at a moment when we are watching the world change by the hour, it’s reassuring to know that talented professionals such as Frank are going to be part of the long term solutions to walkability and pedestrian safety in this country. The TRB research agenda shapes the future of transportation.”

We asked Frank to briefly describe the work of the Committee:

“The Committee on Pedestrians helps to facilitate research on pedestrians and pedestrian facilities. That includes identifying the need for new research direction, facilitating sharing of research through the TRB annual meeting, and disseminating research findings. Everybody is a pedestrian at some point in their travel, and we need all aspects of our transportation system to reflect this.”

Frank has been an active participant in TRB for many years and recognizes that the work of the Committees is critical. Committees generate research proposals that inform the best practices, guidebooks, manuals, regulations and standards that industry professionals rely upon every single day.

Franks notes his own goals for the committee, which is one of the most active and productive in TRB.

“I am extremely passionate about pedestrian safety, and want to push for more research funding on how to address the rise in pedestrian fatalities. Walking is such a fundamental and basic human activity, and yet we’ve engineered so much complexity into the system discouraging walking. I’ve been focused lately on the overwhelming number of pedestrian fatalities that happen in the dark (approximately 76%!). I’d like to push for more research into solutions in that area. I’m also looking forward to continuing to bridge the research-practice divide, as somebody who works in both worlds.”

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