Brian Almdale

Project Planner

Brian is a planner at the Toole Design’s Seattle office, specializing in bike and pedestrian planning, traffic safety, graphic design, and map-making. Brian has years of experience working with large GIS datasets, performing complex analyses, and using graphic design software to visualize complex results in an easy to understand way. He received his Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Policy with a concentration in Urban Transportation Planning.

Prior to joining Toole Design, Brian was an in-house consultant for the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) Bike Program in which he assisted implementing Chicago citywide bike master plan, the Streets for Cycling 2020 Plan. During this time, he managed GIS map production, improved crash analysis for project development, managed the bike count program, contributed extensively to public outreach efforts, and assisted CDOT with implementing over 120 miles of bikeway projects.

Outside of the office Brian enjoys bike camping, film photography and development, exploring the pacific northwest, and continuing his search for the next best cup of coffee.