Carol Kachadoorian

Older Adult Mobility Practice Lead

Carol Kachadoorian is a Senior Planner with nearly three decades of experience in multimodal transportation planning, project management, policy development, and public engagement. She is a certified National Complete Streets instructor, and her project work includes pedestrian master plans, access to transit plans, and Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program management and travel plan development.

Carol’s experience with SRTS includes direct assistance to school-based SRTS teams, outreach to statewide audiences, and Vision Zero for Youth, which makes the important connection between safe routes to school and efforts to reduce all traffic deaths. Carol currently leads Toole Design’s work to develop a SRTS program in Orange County, CA. She recently revised the Massachusetts SRTS program’s pedestrian and bicycle education curricula to include guidelines for teaching walking and bicycling safety skills for students with disabilities, including how to incorporate adaptive bicycles.

Carol is skilled at matching program and infrastructure recommendations with the local context for weather, land development patterns, community culture, and policies. In addition to her SRTS work, Carol is Toole Design’s Older Adult Mobility practice lead, which gives her a distinct perspective on designing communities for all ages.

Prior to joining Toole Design, Carol worked for the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA), where she focused on pedestrian and bicycle transit access. As the first manager of Alexandria, Virginia’s Office of Transit Services, Carol was instrumental in creating DASH, the City’s local bus system, as well as DOT, its companion taxi-based paratransit service, which predated the Americans with Disabilities Act by nearly a decade.

Carol is the daughter and granddaughter of rug makers and continues the family tradition by designing and knitting clothes for her two daughters.