Christina Litherland

Contracts and Compliance Operations Specialist

Christina is a Contracts and Compliance Operations Specialist at Toole Design. She has a passion for collaborative work, and her precise attention to detail, well-practiced management skills, and ability to quickly read and edit are skills she uses daily. With a B.A. in English Literature from Cottey College and an M.A. in English Composition from New Mexico Highlands University, she is no stranger to the world of academia and enjoys the gratifying challenge of melding her professional work with her academic passions. Space has always preoccupied her, and she is fascinated by the symbiotic relationship that exists between mental space and physical geography. To Christina, space does not just statically exist but instead functions vibrantly and ever-evolvingly; continually affected both from within and well as from without. The spatial nature of Toole Design’s work inspire Christina, as they encourage people to be inventive and think critically about the world around them.

Beyond the scope of her position at Toole Design, Christina is an avid traveler, unapologetic feminist, voracious reader, and lover of tie-dye.