Daniel Patterson

Analyst III

Daniel is a GIS Analyst at Toole Design’s Silver Spring office, specializing in map production and the GIS methods used in active and multi-modal transportation planning. He has a passion for spatial analyses and working with large, complex datasets, which is supported by his drive to deliver beautiful, eye-catching, and informative maps. He has years of experience with specialized cartographic software, as well as scripting languages used to analyze, interpret, and visualize all kinds open, private, and governmental data. He earned his master’s in Urban Transportation, with a focus on quantitative methods and active transportation.

As a GIS Analyst at Toole Design, he has worked on a variety of projects, including, bicycling and pedestrian master plans, network development and prioritization, and crash analyses.

When he’s not at work, he enjoys riding his bike, skiing, volunteering, teaching himself new techniques to visualize or analyze data, reading about the bike industry, and spending time with family and friends.