Eric Widstrand, PE, PTOE

Northwest Regional Traffic Engineering Director

Eric Widstrand, P.E., PTOE is Toole Design’s Northwest Regional Traffic Engineering Director. He has over 25 years of experience in traffic engineering in both the public and private sectors, and he uses his expertise to provide clients with implementable traffic solutions that consider the needs of all users. Eric previously served as the city traffic engineer for Seattle, Washington and Long Beach, California. In both cities, he led the planning and design of multimodal projects in complex urban environments, implementing road diets, parking-protected bike lanes, pedestrian safety enhancements, transit lanes and signal priority, micromobility systems, and neighborhood traffic calming measures. Eric has also worked for a variety of consulting firms in Chicago, Seattle and Los Angeles, and was a co-author of the FHWA Road Diet Information Guide.

Outside of the office, Eric enjoys bicycling, traveling with his wife and daughter, and walking their two dogs in Seattle’s parks.