Joel Shaffer, EIT

Engineer III

Joel Shaffer is an engineer at Toole Design’s Oakland office, with experience in planning and designing local and regional bicycle, pedestrian, and transit projects. His experience includes state-of-the-art bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure design; project budget and schedule management; bicycle, pedestrian, and transit access planning; cost estimation; and meaningful community engagement. Joel uses his knowledge of design standards alongside his planning experience to create feasible and effective active transportation solutions that promote walking, bicycling, and transit use by people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and physical abilities. He earned a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University, where he was awarded the Robert J. Shillman Award for Engineering Excellence.

Outside of work, Joel enjoys volunteering with Oakland’s inspiring immigrant and refugee youth. He also loves to travel and spend his time outdoors, whether he’s on a bike ride, playing soccer, camping, reading in a park, or just exploring a new neighborhood on foot.