Joel Shaffer, EIT

Engineer III

Joel is an engineer in Toole Design’s Oakland office with a wide variety of experience working on transportation design and planning projects. He is passionate about auto-free modes of transportation that reduce our contribution to climate change, serve as inexpensive options for those who cannot afford or are not able to drive personal vehicles, encourage healthier lifestyles, enhance quality of life, and create vibrant communities. Joel’s skillset includes state-of-the-art bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure design and network planning, transit operations analysis and planning, meaningful community engagement, effective project management and client coordination, and attention to detail and quality control. Joel uses his knowledge of design standards, coupled with his planning experience, to create implementable active transportation solutions that promote walking, bicycling, and transit use by people of all socioeconomic backgrounds and physical abilities.

In addition to project work, Joel serves on the Toole Design Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Taskforce, where he is responsible for developing trainings and materials that increase awareness of and promote action on DEI issues within the active transportation industry, with a specific focus on engineering and design. He also serves as the Toole Design Transit Resource Group Captain. In this role, Joel works to expand knowledge of and staff skills development in transit operations planning and infrastructure design.

Outside of work, Joel enjoys volunteering with Oakland’s inspiring immigrant and refugee youth. He also loves to travel and spend his time outdoors, whether he’s on a bike ride, playing soccer, camping, reading in a park, or just exploring new neighborhoods on foot.