Nat Gale

Southern California Office Director

Nat Gale is Toole Design’s Southern California Office Director. He previously worked for the Los Angeles Department of Transportation (LADOT) as the Director for Vision Zero, where he led a team focused on policy, programs, and projects that prioritize the safety of the most vulnerable users on our streets. During his tenure, Nat grew his team from 3 contractors to 15 full-time staff, and from a budget of $3 million for program development to $30 million for safety engineering, project development, urban design, marketing, education, community engagement, implementation, and project evaluation. Before LADOT, Nat worked in Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s administration, leading the Great Streets Initiative, a place-based community development program aimed at improving quality of life, health, and safety for Los Angeles neighborhoods.

Nat is an avid urbanist, a dedicated transit user, and a proud pedestrian.