Rohan Lewis


Rohan is a planner in Toole Design’s Silver Spring office. He has been involved in regional active transportation plans, city and town-level bicycle and pedestrian master plans, greenway master plans, dockless bikeshare research, traffic studies, design guidance, policy analysis, and public engagement. His broad skill set includes knowledge of multiple GIS programs, graphic design, writing, research, and extensive fieldwork experience.

Prior to joining Toole Design, Rohan spent time with a private urban planning research institution in Amman, Jordan, where he aided the planning of a recreational bicycle loop just outside the capital city. While pursuing his interests in cities, design, and mapping, he has also worked with the Boston Planning & Development Agency and Amazon Conservation Team. He has a bachelor’s degree in international affairs with a concentration in environmental studies and a minor in anthropology.

Outside of work, Rohan enjoys photography, cooking, tennis, biking, and foreign languages.