Ryan Martinson, M.Eng., P.Eng.

Senior Engineer

Ryan is a senior engineer who loves working with people—learning from their lived experiences, their concerns, and the possibilities they see for dignified, comfortable, and safe daily travel. Ryan has worked on strategic plans, master plans, conceptual design, evaluations, and safety reviews of projects in North America and New Zealand. He has also been involved in developing design guidance for municipalities and agencies; leading training courses on Complete Street design and planning concepts; developing graduate courses related to sustainability and complexity; participating in research projects related to the built environment; and teaching and mentoring university students. He is keenly aware of how the built environment influences how we use and interact with our surroundings, and he employs a user-based design approach infrastructure design, planning, and operations.

In his spare time, Ryan enjoys creating comics and cartoons (yup—they’re transportation-related) and camping with his family. He volunteers regularly through ITE, Walk21, and Transportation Association of Canada (TAC).