Tyler Golly, P.Eng.

Western Canada Market Lead

Tyler Golly, P. Eng., is the Edmonton Office Director and Western Canada Market Lead for Toole Design. He is motivated by mounting evidence that active and sustainable mobility has benefits far beyond the individual, and has focused his career on planning and designing transportation systems that get whole communities moving. Tyler is a licensed Professional Engineer and has delivered multimodal streets and plans that have improved safety and accessibility for people of all ages and abilities. With experience in both the public and private sectors, Tyler approaches urban transportation problems from an integrated perspective and creates solutions through collaborative decision-making and thorough community engagement. Tyler was appointed to serve on Toole Design’s Board of Directors in 2021.

Outside of the office, Tyler is an avid recreational bike rider, a LEGO enthusiast, and has been known to play the bass guitar and take in live shows whenever he gets the chance.