Toole Design was founded twenty years ago with a simple mission: to support innovative streets and dynamic communities where people of all ages and abilities can enjoy walking, biking, and access to transit. This is more than just a description of what we do; it is the lens through which we see the world around us, and it defines our approach to every project we work on.

From day one, Jennifer Toole pledged that the company would not generate revenue from projects that conflict with our core values. We have stuck to that pledge —Toole Design does not engage in work aimed at moving more cars, faster.

In a world dominated by increasingly large engineering firms, Toole Design remains a unique place in our industry as a mid-sized, American-owned planning and design firm — that is also owned and led by women. We are proud of our 20-year legacy of leading projects with ethics, empathy, and equity—what we call the New E’s of Transportation. These values inspire and guide everything we do. They compel us to help build a transportation system that is safe, equitable, and resilient. Our approach is transforming the way the transportation industry does business, and we are committed to continuing that leadership role for the next 20 years.

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Our History

 Jennifer Toole founded Toole Design in 2003 with one Maryland location and a small but mighty team. We immediately began building a portfolio of innovative, high-profile projects, including Federal and State pedestrian and bicycle facility design guidance.

In 2009, we opened our first branch office in Boston, MA. The Boston team grew quickly and helped the City to build its first bikeway network.

By 2013, we had grown to a staff of 50 with offices throughout the United States. In addition to planning and landscape architecture, the firm began to grow our engineering capabilities, taking on two senior engineers as owners and building a portfolio that included traffic analysis, concept design, and complex final design.

In 2018, we became an international firm, establishing a Canadian team headquartered in Edmonton, AB.

Today, with 18 offices throughout North America, our staff of 280 planners, engineers, landscape architects, and operations staff remain committed to delivering high-quality work that meets the needs of all people in motion.

Timeline 2003 to 2023


50% Women Designers, Equal Design and Planning, 275+ Employees 18 Offices