#WLAM2018 – Meet Teresa Damaske, PLA

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Walking (and Biking) The Talk – Meet Teresa Damaske, PLA

As a landscape architect in the Seattle area, I’ve gotten to work on a variety of projects over the last 15 years. That has included everything from street redesigns, street retrofits with ADA compliance upgrades, and green stormwater infrastructure, to bicycle facility and wayfinding implementation, parks, and school campus projects. This past November, I was thrilled to join Toole Design Group, a nationally renowned firm specializing in active transportation.

TDG’s mission of “making walking and biking possible for every trip” really hits home with me. As a daily bicycle commuter for over nine years, I have a personal stake in the active transportation projects we work on. I truly believe in the importance of expanding bicycling options and improving accessibility as we look beyond motor vehicle traffic. Through both my work professionally and as a volunteer with my local neighborhood greenway organization, I want to help walking and biking become a recognized, funded part of our transportation infrastructure, and see the effects of safety in numbers. It’s exciting to work on projects that will create a more complete bicycle network and will encourage me and others to bike to new places. With our team of planners, engineers, urban designers, and landscape architects, TDG is not only expanding options for people walking and biking, but making our streets great for all users.

I am looking forward to working on great projects and continuing to grow as a landscape architect with help from my awesome colleagues at TDG and their expansive knowledge! I really enjoying applying my experience on projects that make it safer and easier for all people walking and biking.


Teresa Damaske

Senior Landscape Architect
Teresa is a Landscape Architect in Toole Design’s Seattle office. She has a wide range of experience that includes streetscapes,...
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