We Bid Farewell to Tamika Butler

Tamika L Butler Esq., has decided to leave Toole Design, effective July 3, to pursue a variety of exciting opportunities. Tamika joined Toole Design in January 2019 as the California Planning Director and Director of Equity and Inclusion.

“Tamika has helped us take important steps on the journey to a more just society and company,” said Jennifer Toole, President of Toole Design. “She leaves us better equipped to address the profound inequities in our society that the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement have exposed in recent months. She has helped shape the culture of Toole Design through company-wide training, numerous projects across the U.S. and Canada focused on equity, extensive writing and public speaking, and countless one-on-one conversations with staff. Throughout, she has worked with staff and our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Task Force to increase our capacity and ability to continue this work.”

Nat Gale, Toole Design’s Los Angeles office director, praised Tamika’s “immeasurably wide and incredibly deep influence on planning in California,” during her time at Toole Design. “From consulting on statewide efforts to unify transit payments to honing a nuanced understanding of micro-mobility policy for municipal strategic plans,” Gale continued, “her influence will span from planning through implementation. Planning is the first step towards system and culture change, and her impact will be felt for years to come.”

Reflecting on her time with the company, Tamika noted that “we’ve seen the company step up to become a national leader on DEI issues, we’ve seen changes in internal training and practices, and I know from my many conversations across the firm, that there has been deep personal reflection and change on the individual level.  Beyond that, I’ve been honored to be an integral part in growing our Los Angeles office and expanding our CA planning practice. I’ve enjoyed using the Toole Design megaphone. Now, it’s time for me to find and amplify my own voice.”

In a message to Toole Design staff, Jennifer Toole closed by saying “Tamika, you have improved our understanding of the roles we can play as a company and as individuals to tackle racism in all its forms. We wish you the best.  We will be out there doing this work with you, and cheering you on.”

If you wish to contact Tamika, you can visit www.tamikabutler.com.


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