Newly Promoted Staff Show Eagerness to Learn, Grow, and Lead

Congratulations to all our recently promoted staff members. Whether they’ve deepened their technical knowledge, gained a new skill set, or taken on additional responsibility, these members of the Toole Design Team show an inspiring eagerness to keep learning and growing.

Lakesha Dunbar | Spartanburg Office Director Tammy Sufi | Kansas City Office Director Brendetta Walker, PE | Director of Engineering, Southeastern U.S. Adam Wood, AICP | Active Transportation Lead Amy Boehmer | Director of Marketing and Business Development Daina Valaitis | Marketing Manager Christopher Kelleher, PE | Project Engineer II Emily Koehle, PE | Project Engineer II Mariel Colman, PE, AICP | Project Engineer II Preston Buehrer, PE | Project Engineer II Tyler Wong, PE | Project Engineer II Jakob Ward, PE | Project Engineer Sara Rauwolf, EIT | Project Engineer Anthony Lamping, EIT | Engineer III Ashley Gunderson | Engineer III Gwen Shaw, PE | Engineer III Perrin Falkner, PE | Engineer III Xiao Dong Liu | Engineer II Carly Haithcock, PE | Engineer II Noah Halbach, PLA, AICP | Senior Landscape Architect Teresa Damaske, PLA | Senior Landscape Architect Stephanie Weyer, PLA | Landscape Architect II Sarah Johnson | Designer III Katie O'Lone, AICP | Senior Planner Lydia Hausle, AICP | Senior Planner Sara Schooley | Senior Planner Wendy Phelps, AICP | Senior Planner Sally Sharrow | Project Planner Kerry Aszklar | Planner II Tobi Otulana | Planner II Brian Almdale | Project Planner Paula Huerkamp, MBA | Proposal Coordinator

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