Alia Anderson, AICP

Director of Planning, North America

Alia has worked at the intersection of transportation, land use, and community planning for more than 15 years. As Toole Design’s Director of Planning for North America, Alia leads multimodal transportation planning projects and oversees the company’s talented team of planners. Her experience includes working with local governments, developers, metropolitan planning organizations, transit agencies, community advocates, and other partners to provide resources and programs that support sustainable urban development. She has served as the author and co-author of numerous reports for the Federal Transit Administration, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, and multiple local government and philanthropic clients.

Alia is a trainer with the National Center for Safe Routes to School and the former director of the Alliance for Community Choice in Transportation in Charlottesville, VA. She holds a Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning from the University of California, Berkeley. Alia served on Toole Design’s Board of Directors from 2018 to 2021.

Outside of her work at Toole Design Group, Alia enjoys spending time cooking elaborate meals, riding bikes, quilting, and working on other creative sewing projects.