Allison Phillips

Project Planner

Allison is a planner with private sector experience in active transportation planning and design, multimodal encouragement programs, and public engagement. Her work draws on innovative best practices, inclusive community outreach, and interdisciplinary collaboration to create healthier, safer, and more sustainable cities for cycling and walking. Allison’s varied background spans international borders, languages, and professions and gives her a unique perspective and skillset for her active transportation work. Before joining Toole Design, she lived in Madrid, Spain for nearly 14 years, where she worked on projects related to active transportation and sustainable urbanism. Fluent in Spanish, Allison supports bilingual project outreach work. Seeing the city through the eyes of her children has reinforced her commitment to making streets, public transport, and public spaces that support caregivers’ and children’s free and independent movement.

Outside of work, Allison enjoys spending time in nature with her three children and little luxuries like swinging in a hammock while reading a good book.