Chris Puglisi, PE, RSP

Senior Engineer

Chris is a talented and experienced transportation engineer focused on innovative solutions to solve the needs, goals, and objectives of clients and stakeholders. Earlier in his career, he had worked with the City of Atlanta and local communities to upgrade, optimize, and maintain traffic signals within the urban core. There was an emphasis on multimodal accommodations, enhancing both walkability and bikeability through traffic signal operations. As he has progressed with his career, he continues to apply his understanding of how various modes interact at intersections to help influence and ensure safe intersection design.

He is a licensed Professional Engineer who has been involved with on-call agreements for general engineering services with the City of Atlanta and has helped manage a statewide traffic signal operations contract with GDOT. He is an active member of the Georgia Section of the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) and has presented at several ITE and Georgia Walks conferences on traffic signal design and operations.

In his free time, Chris enjoys traveling, reading, and cooking.