Elizabeth Gilliam, PLA

Director of Design, Mid-Atlantic

Elizabeth Gilliam is a Professional Landscape Architect with over two decades in trail and park design, and multi-modal Complete Streets final design. She has a keen understanding of both civil engineering practices and landscape architecture principles and helps provide a valuable link between the two disciplines. With her strong technical and drafting background, she has the innate ability to understand and graphically demonstrate the big picture as well as implement design details to ensure project success. Liz has managed a range of project types, ranging from large-scale, multi-million dollar public projects to small park projects. The key to her success is her ability to collaborate with a variety of professionals from civil engineers, environmental specialists, structural engineers.

When not in the office, Liz enjoys spending time with her family. It isn’t unusual to find them attending an occasional O’s game, or a good music festival. Much time is spent running, bike riding, camping—pretty much any outdoor activity, as long as she can wind down with a good meal and a good book.