J Swiderski


J is a Planner I in Toole Design’s Silver Spring office, seeking to serve communities by expanding safe places to walk, roll, bike, scoot, and ride transit.  Within planning, J is especially interested in intersections between active transportation, public transit, and accessibility.

J particularly loves to introduce new riders to the joys of riding a bike in the city, and to show riders new ways to get around and see their city. J routed and led rides for Pittsburgh’s monthly family party ride 412 Flock! from 2015 to 2017, and from 2013 to 2017 organized, routed and led a weekly touring ride called Weekend Hills to show Pittsburgh riders ways to safely get up some of Pittsburgh’s biggest hills to its best views.

J is a fan of maps, transit, and cities; biking and walking; cataloging, library organization, and information accessibility; baseball, hockey, and football; puns; oxford commas; and semicolons.