James Elliott, AICP

Senior Planner

Jim Elliott is an experienced planner, researcher and writer with extensive experience supporting active transportation design and planning for people of all ages and abilities. Jim’s project experience is focused on Safe Routes to School and pedestrian and bicycle best practices, including work as an expert for the National Center for Safe Routes to School and conducting best practice research for FHWA, NCHRP and AASHTO. Prior to joining Toole Design, Jim served as Director of Research and Client Relations for a public policy research firm.

As a person with a visual impairment that prevents him from driving, Jim is acutely aware of the challenges people with visual impairments face in the built environment. He has played a key role in several national-level pedestrian and bicycle research projects to investigate ways to make innovative street designs like shared streets, separated bike lanes, and roundabouts more accessible to people with vision disabilities.

Outside the office, Jim is busy with two young boys, who are almost as enthusiastic about cruising the neighborhood by bike as he is.