Kenyon Harris

Designer II

Kenyon is a designer specializing in the public and open spaces. With over three decades of experience working in the landscape construction and landscape design fields, he brings much practical and education knowledge to his projects. By working on a variety of projects both in the private and public sectors over the years, Kenyon can make sound decisions so that projects are completed with minimal disruptions. He has worked on a variety of projects including streetscape greening, sport field redevelopment, community gardens, pedestrian trail and bridge projects, and public art installations. Kenyon has worked on designs from concept through construction and as-build plans. He has been responsible for quantity schedules and for tender and contract packages.

Outside of work, Kenyon enjoys spending time in his yard and garden, which always have additional projects to be completed. While not in his yard, his favorite place to relax is either in the mountains or in the kayak on a calm lake, preferably both at the same time.