Spencer Boomhower

Senior Visualization Specialist

Spencer is a visualization expert who helps planners and designers communicate their ideas for better transportation options. With a background that includes fine art, video game development, and virtual reality, he puts 3D graphics, animations, and interactive experiences to work in a way that is fun to look at and as easily grasped by members of the general public as it is by experts. Spencer creates animated videos that help clients win support for their development projects, help cities communicate to the public how street design changes will impact their travel choices, and help everyone understand how to use our streets and roads more safely. Spencer also creates interactive visualizations that let anyone engage in the street design process in an intuitive and enjoyable way.

In his spare time Spencer enjoys taking in the streets of Portland, Oregon by foot or on bike, spending time with his family, keeping their old house sturdy and cozy, and thinking up game ideas for the Oculus Quest.