Talia Jacobson

Portland Office Director

Talia manages projects and leads plans that integrate creative technical analysis with in-depth public involvement. She has worked on multimodal projects ranging from major arterial redesigns to targeted safety improvements, transportation system plans to statewide policy development, and urban trails to interstate megaprojects. She helps communities move through conflict into consensus by facilitating difficult conversations with empathy and translating data into real-world tradeoffs. Talia believes that plans grounded in equity, universal design, and culturally responsive engagement will create the most welcoming places. Talia came to planning from a prior career working with young people who had survived trauma and housing instability, where she learned how access to transportation determines access to life-saving resources. Before joining Toole Design, she worked with the Oregon Department of Transportation to integrate active transportation into its plans, policies, and projects. She helped local governments navigate state and federal regulations to reach the goals that mattered to their communities.

In her free time, Talia likes making things with her hands: food, gardens, garments, and music.