Tariq Shihadah, RSP1, EI

Transportation Data Scientist

Tariq is a transportation engineer with experience working on a broad variety of transportation and traffic safety analysis projects across the U.S., working with federal, state, and local agency partners. His expertise includes advanced quantitative and geospatial analysis of roadways, HSM implementation, transportation project analysis and HSIP and SS4A programming and implementation, strategic safety planning, and related research through the National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP). His work largely focuses on partnering with transportation agencies to pursue improved transportation safety and equitable mobility through data-driven and human-centered analysis and collaboration.

Outside of work, Tariq enjoys working on a variety of musical projects, writing, recording, and performing regionally both solo and with local bands. He also operates a recording studio out of his Chicago apartment, working with independent artists to record and produce their music.