Project Summary

The City of Austin needed to have a deeper understanding of physical infrastructure conditions and potential for risk on City streets to reach their goal of Vision Zero. To help inform both the Vision Zero program and Austin’s Strategic Mobility Plan, we are working alongside the City’s Transportation Department to analyze available crash data, examine city-wide roadway safety, and develop recommendations for systemic safety improvements.

We are examining the characteristics of crashes experienced throughout the City for all users, providing insight into the risk factors and characteristics of crash types that result in fatal or serious injuries. We are also identifying the countermeasures for the top crash types and providing location types that will yield the highest benefit/cost ratios for the City.

The result will be a list of projects and locations ranked by estimated benefit/cost ratio to help the City prioritize projects to reach their Vision Zero goals.

We mapped out the type and level of crashes along Austin’s roads.

We looked at the safety of roads with medians compared to those without medians.

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