Project Summary

Edmonton’s Safe Mobility Strategy established a new set of core values to advance Vision Zero and established an integrated set of actions and strategies to achieve zero fatal and serious injury crashes by 2032. The Strategy embraces the Safe System approach and embodies Toole Design’s new values-based Es—Equity, Empathy, and Ethics. The development of the Strategy rested on three pillars: a quantitative analysis of previous crash patterns, a qualitative analysis of Edmontonian’s lived experience with safety and mobility, and collaboration across agencies and departments to inform the City’s goals, policies, and daily operations. The Safe Mobility Strategy applied a Gender-Based Analysis Plus (GBA+) lens to ensure meaningful participation and outcomes across Edmonton’s diverse community.

We conducted a thorough data gathering and analysis process designed to fulfill Edmonton’s Vision Zero objective. Primary challenges and opportunities included diverse public opinions, a desire to incorporate equity, and creating buy-in across City departments, external organizational partners and industry, and the public. Examples of deliverables that were used to address the challenges and opportunities included:

  • Review of local, provincial, national, and international policies, programs, and initiatives
  • Development of a co-benefits discussion paper to generate broad-based support and address myths
  • Production of a transportation safety toolkit
  • Development of a High Injury Network
  • Holistic engagement
The final 40-page Safe Mobility Strategy is the culmination of several detailed technical studies and discussion papers.
The final document includes the crash and equity analyses, and two volumes of input generated by the public engagement process.

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