Project Summary

For this project, Ann Arbor’s Downtown Development Authority embarked on an ambitious project to rebalance three key downtown corridors. Over the course of 18-months, we collaborated closely with partners, DDA staff, and City of Ann Arbor staff to deliver high-quality materials that told the story of Ann Arbor and moved the City forward in developing 21st Century streets that put people first.

We led the traffic engineering and non-motorized roadway design, initial concept design in CADD, and public outreach through two, week-long charrettes. We also worked closely with City transportation staff to educate them on the benefits of rebalancing their streets and to address safety concerns associated with restoring the two corridors to two-way road.

The construction of the two-way protected bicycle facility on William Street (Michigan’s first ever) was completed in October 2019. The restoration of First and Ashley Streets to a two-way road is currently under construction.

We partnered with the City transportation staff to identify the benefits and concerns for this protected bike lane.
Michigan's first ever two-way protected bicycle facility was constructed in Ann Arbor on William Street. By rebalancing William Street, the City is putting people first.

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