Project Summary

Toole Design supported the City of Long Beach in developing an ambitious Vision Zero Action Plan to eliminate serious and fatal crashes by 2026. Central to the Plan was a systemic safety analysis of crash and roadway data aimed at identifying high-risk factors and locations and developing crash profiles that can be addressed through both low-cost systemic countermeasures and capital improvement projects.

This plan was the first to use a state-funded systemic safety analysis program to inform and fund a Vision Zero Action Plan in California. Toole Design prioritized safety improvements identified from the systemic safety analysis and assisted the city with a Highway Safety Improvement Program grant application.

A robust stakeholder and public engagement process complemented the data-driven aspects of the Plan. This included listening meetings, a roving display that highlights personal stories of lives impacted by traffic violence, and visually captivating and interactive pop-up installations to collect stakeholder feedback on what strategies the city should pursue to make streets safer. Dozens of community groups across the city assisted in ensuring an inclusive and equitable process and that the needs of vulnerable populations were front and center in the Plan’s actions.

The Plan was unanimously adopted by the Long Beach City Council, and it is informing street design, data management and analysis, education, partner collaboration, and legislative actions taken by the City.

Expertise Applied

We developed project sheets that show the new street layout.
We conducted an equity analysis to further prioritize improvements in historically underserved neighborhoods where a disproportionate number of serious and fatal injuries have occurred.

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