Project Summary

Toole Design developed the City of Longview’s first ADA Transition Plan for the Public Right-of-Way as part of a comprehensive Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. We created a framework for public outreach for future updates, a self-evaluation process, and an ADA-complaint process and associated form. We developed recommendations for internal process changes, revisions to City ordinances, approach to data collection and field work, and priorities for curb ramp replacement and barrier removal. The Transition Plan developed for Longview serves as a template for other cities in the MPO to adopt.

The Transition Plan development was informed by the broader project’s robust public involvement process, which identified community preferences and engaged over 1,800 members of the public through a project website, interactive online mapping activity, online and intercept surveys, open house events, and listening sessions with key stakeholder groups and organizations. Engagement materials were available in Spanish and a Spanish-speaking transportation planner was available at all public meetings. Early on, Toole Design led a training workshop for MPO, City, and Texas Department of Transportation staff to discuss planning and design considerations and develop a shared understanding of the project issues. A selection of these concepts and key recommendations were illustrated using photo-realistic before-and-after renderings.

Finally, Toole Design worked with agency staff to establish a GIS-based project prioritization system. This system was used to develop a list of priority pedestrian and bicycle projects and encourage the implementation of high-return-on-investment projects.

Expertise Applied

We developed photo-realistic before and after renderings to illustrate concepts and key recommendations.

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