TDG Vice President Bill Schultheis, PE presents at the ODOT Engineer's Forum
School Travel Plan for Warren County, Ohio Public Schools
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ODOT Bike/Ped Engineering On-Call


Toole Design Group provides statewide bicycle and pedestrian planning and design work for the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). This includes a range of tasks, including drafting active transportation policy, developing safe routes to school plans, providing technical assistance on design projects, and coordinating and delivering statewide education and training on active transportation.

To support statewide best practices, TDG staff developed Bicycle and Pedestrian Resources for Engineers, a compilation of research, resources and guidance on designing for pedestrians and bicycles released in January 2017. These best practices were presented at two Engineer Forums on Active Transportation in Ohio, which TDG coordinated.

TDG has a long history of strong partnership and service with ODOT, previously serving as a subcontractor on statewide contracts and projects. TDG staff have supported the development of Ohio’s current school travel plan guidelines and template, and the development of a new approach to school travel plans for large school districts.