The way students get to and from school reveals a lot about a community. When parents can let their children walk, bike, or take the bus on their own, we know streets are safe and welcoming to people of all ages and abilities. Many Toole Design staff have previously worked as local or state SRTS coordinators or have led SRTS programs at their children’s schools, giving our team an unrivaled level of firsthand experience and passion for this topic.

Toole Design has outstanding experience in SRTS planning and engineering, policy and curriculum development, and program evaluation. Our expertise encompasses everything from staffing statewide resource centers to developing site-specific school infrastructure plans.

We’ve worked with local transportation departments, school boards, parents, administrators, and children through the country. We are known for our ability to turn even the slightest beginnings of an idea into a reality, and can accomplish this through everything from toolkits and trainings to citywide infrastructure analyses and recommendations.

We have helped launch new SRTS programs, led strategic planning processes for mature programs, and conducted hundreds of engineering assessments at individual school sites. In total, we have developed plans and programs for over 500 schools around the United States.

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