TDG Presents at Wisconsin Bike Summit

Heading to the Wisconsin Bike Summit this weekend? We’ll be in attendance all day Saturday, May 5 to talk about how, together, we can improve biking in Wisconsin.

You can hear from members of our Madison office about our work in Wisconsin and beyond in the following sessions:

Collaborative campaigns for Complete Streets and Planning

You have a policy…now what? This session talks about the practical steps that can be taken to ensure successful implementation of Complete Streets that consistently meet communities’ transportation and placemaking goals. It will include examples of the wide range of Complete Streets treatments, overview of design compromises and tradeoffs often required, roles for advocates and the public, and examples of how communities across the country have established repeatable processes to streamline and lower the cost of Complete Streets implementation.

Bicycle Network Analysis and Neighborhoods Improving Active Transportation Infrastructure

How connected is your bike network? Learn about new analysis tools and ways to connect your bike network.

Wayfinding for Bicyclists: All Who Wander Are Not Lost, But Some Are and We Can Help

Wayfinding signs can make a big difference in a bicycle network at low cost. Find out how to make them happen and why they’re important not just to visitors, but families and new riders as well.

Best Practices in Separated Bikeways

Get an overview of the state of the practice for separated bikeways, which are defined as exclusive space for bicyclists along or within a roadway that is physically separated from motor vehicles and pedestrians. The presentation will start with a brief history of bicycle facilities in the US before moving on to planning and design considerations for low-stress bicycle networks and separated bikeways.

Check out the complete session schedule here, and be sure to stop by and say hello to our team as they attend the summit!

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