Welcome to World Landscape Architecture Month!

April is World Landscape Architecture Month, and we’ve scheduled a number of features designed to highlight the work of our landscape architects throughout the month. But first, let’s back up a bit – what exactly is landscape architecture? It ranges from park design and ecological restoration to green roofs and more… but to put it simply, it’s the design of outdoor areas or the public realmIt is both an art and a science, and is a critical part of the work we do here at Toole Design.  

Key issues that landscape architects work on include green infrastructure, transportation, water and stormwater, parks and recreation, and more. You can read about all of these on the American Society of Landscape Architecture’s websiteOf course, top of mind for many people at this moment is how our public space – and even the form and function of our cities – is going to change as a result of COVID-19. Those are the kinds of challenges and issues our urban designers relish meeting head-on, and that’s why we are pleased to highlight their work this April. 

We have a lot in store this month to highlight this important work including:

  • Tomorrow at 2:00 eastern, join us for a webinar about how urban design and landscape architecture can play a role in helping cities safely manage increased demand for bicycling and walking. Register here! 
  • Stay tuned for a podcast featuring Ken Ray, PLA discussing how the post-COVID-19 streetscape could be influenced by landscape architecture and the important role that landscape architectures plays in medical environments. Subscribe through Apple PodcastsGoogle PlayStitcher, or Spotify so you never miss an episode.
  • Project updates and features all month long. Be sure to follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for photos, project updates, and more!

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