We Recently Won Two Awards for Excellence in Marketing!

Toole Design was recently recognized with not one, but two  Marketing Excellence Awards from the Colorado Chapter of the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS)! Our New E’s campaign took home the top prize in the 2020/2021 Brand Awareness category, and a brochure we made to spread the word about the New E’s won in the 2020/2021 Brochure category.

SMPS is a professional organization that connects marketing and business development professionals from the Architectural/Engineering/Construction industries. The Marketing Excellence Awards celebrate and highlight the importance of great marketing work, and the competition is open to firms

Launched in late 2019, the New E’s are a statement of the values that we believe should guide all transportation professionals: ethics, equity, and empathy. We believe that the transportation industry’s reliance on the conventional Three E’s—engineering, education, and enforcement—has failed all of us, and that an industry-wide pivot toward the New E’s is first step toward streets that are safe and comfortable for everyone.

Spread showing a timeline, which starts with a photo of pedestrians and trolleys on an urban street in the early 1900s. The photos show the progression of time, with more and more cars on roads. It ends with a photo of a woman pushing her stroller on the highway. It reads "It's time for change"

Check out the full brochure by clicking here!

From the overall vision, to the initial roll out (see below for more detail there), to the campaign’s effects on our project work and the industry as a whole, the competition judges praised our work. We’re particularly proud of these two comments:

Great message, and excellent effort to impact the industry and change mindsets. The New E’s are groundbreaking and your company’s passion for changing the conversation is remarkable. Your program is one of the best efforts to impact the A/E/C industry that I’ve seen.

The depth and consistent messaging for this program is outstanding.

In the Brochure category, the top prize went to the brochure that we created to announce the roll out of the New E’s at the 2019 National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO) Designing Cities Conference in Toronto. We wanted to convey how our century-long reliance on the conventional approach of engineering, education, and enforcement has ceded public space that used to be for all modes of travel to the motor vehicle. We used images of a Toronto street from the early 1900s and the present day to contrast a scene that is full of people, bicyclists, delivery carts, and trolleys with one dominated by cars and where crossing the street on foot is clearly unsafe and uncomfortable.

“Excellent job,” said one judge. “One of the best branding and awareness programs I’ve ever seen. Your CEO is impressive, and so are your practice leaders. Great work!”

Another judge said, “The content is provocative and well thought out,” and another called our brochure “attractive and easy to digest.”

We’re very honored to receive both of these awards. We’re proud of the work we did to highlight our company values, and more importantly, we’re driven to live up to them. In Toole Design’s Marketing Department, that starts with understanding that every project we endeavor to win is an opportunity to build a more equitable transportation system.

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