Sonia Dubielzig Haeckel

Project Planner

Sonia Dubielzig Haeckel has more than a decade of of experience in multimodal planning. As a Project Planner in our Madison office, her experience includes Safe Routes to School (SRTS) plans, bicycle wayfinding, and community bicycle and pedestrian plans. She has worked on SRTS projects in Wisconsin, California, Florida, Massachusetts, and Minnesota, and for the National SRTS Clearinghouse. prior to joining Toole Design, she served as the SRTS Coordinator for the Madison Metropolitan School District. She led the development of the award-winning Dane County Bicycle Wayfinding Manual and has drawn up sign placement plans for over 85 miles of paths and on-street bikeways in Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Colorado. Fluent in Spanish, Sonia has assisted in bilingual outreach on a variety of projects.

When not in the office, Sonia likes to cook, mountain bike, and spend time with her two boys. Her family usually spends their vacations exploring Guatemala, her husband’s native country.