Project Summary

When the City of Austin committed to rapidly designing and building an extensive network of bicycling infrastructure for people of all ages and abilities, they called on Toole Design for help. Through a unique five-year assignment, we are providing the Austin Transportation Department with an on-site team of full-time engineers and designers to augment the City’s talented in-house staff in the Active Transportation and Streets Division. Our staff quickly learned the City’s project development and delivery process and are working across multiple city departments to construct bikeways, ADA improvements, and transit-related infrastructure.

In just over 6 months of operations, our team has helped ATD design and implement over 10 miles of bikeways, hundreds of sidewalk improvements, and conducted traffic studies for transit improvements to Austin's bus network.
Our on-site team helps ATD's Active Transportation and Streets Division maximize their available resources and take bicycle and pedestrian projects from paper to pavement in weeks, not months.
Working side-by-side with ATD Staff, our designers and engineers applied their knowledge of best practices and rapid implementation experience to deliver a new shared use path for students walking and biking to a local elementary school this summer.
Our staff is both highly specialized and high-performing, but within weeks of coming on board, Toole Design brought significant additional capacity to advance project development and design.
Nathan Wilkes
Senior Street Designer, Austin Transportation Department

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