Project Summary

The City of Fort Collins is envisioning a future where every resident can walk, bike, or roll within 15 minutes of their home to everyday destinations. To help ensure the City meets its goal, we led the data collection and analysis to establish a baseline understanding of the current population, employment locations, housing, economic development, land use, and travel patterns.

We scored areas in the city based on how well residents can access schools, grocery stores, parks, and medical centers using active transportation networks. Separate scores were developed for the city’s pedestrian and bicycle networks to illustrate gaps in each network. We also identified focus areas where connectivity scores were low, and the population of historically underserved communities were high. With the combination of this data and a review of existing plans, policies, and programs, we recommended TDM strategies for a 15-minute city that can be coordinated with existing efforts, including:

  • Establishing housing capacity,
  • Supporting mixed-use developments, and
  • Expanding the active transportation networks.

Using the overlapping needs analysis as a guide, Fort Collins is also planning to expand its network of high-frequency transit routes by introducing more stops in previously unreached neighborhoods .

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