Project Summary

In a collaborative effort with the San Joaquin Council of Governments, Bike Lodi, and the City of Lodi, Toole Design led the Lodi Greenline Trail Feasibility Study to explore the possibility of transforming an unused 1.75-mile Union Pacific Railroad spur line into a vibrant multimodal bicycle and pedestrian trail. Known as the Lodi Greenline Trail, this project aims to create an active transportation link between Downtown Lodi and Woodbridge.

We conducted preliminary land use planning, with a focus on connecting some of the most disadvantaged census tracts in the state and two regionally attractive outdoor recreation areas, Lodi Lake and Lodi Lake Wilderness Area. In addition to considering existing and planned bicycle facilities near the proposed trail, a spatial analysis helped to identify destinations and land uses accessible within walking distance of the proposed trail.

Map of the 1/4 mile walkshed from Lodi Greenline Trail access points

Map of land uses within the 1/4 mile walkshed from Lodi Greenline Trail access points

Many activities, such as shopping, recreation, dining, and health services, are located with a ¼-mile of the Greenline, making it an excellent opportunity to connect people on foot and bike.

Using these analyses as a guide, as well as extensive input from the local community, the study recommended two potential scenarios for the project:

  1. A rail-to-trail design where the tracks would be removed and the corridor would be redeveloped as a Class I shared use path corridor, with space for recreation, art,
    and green canopies
  2. A rail-with-trail design where the existing tracks would remain and a Class I shared use path would be added to the corridor, allowing for concurrent rail use
Cross section of a rail-to-trail scenario for the Lodi Greenline Trail
A rail-to-trail cross-section
Cross section of a rail-with-trail scenario for the Lodi Greenline Trail
A rail-with-trail cross section

Along with these two scenarios, we developed design concepts, including safety countermeasures and user-experience considerations, such as landscape plantings, waysides, and trail amenities. Our team also created a persuasive document to build interest and support amongst City staff and helped to position the City for future grant funding for final design.

Ultimately, the Lodi Greenline Trail has the potential to transform an unused corridor into a vibrant active transportation connection that provides access to recreational, civic, commercial, and public spaces.

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