Project Summary

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation wanted the best possible guidance for designing and building separated bike lanes, they turned to Toole Design for help. We drew on research and best practices from the United States and around the world to deliver a one-of-a-kind, illustrated manual that provides unparalleled detail on topics such as protected intersections, floating bus stops, and considerations for one-way versus two-way operation. The Separated Bike Lane Planning and Design Guide includes three-dimensional graphics that are easy for both engineers and the public to understand and use. Frequently cited as the gold standard in bikeway design guidance, the MassDOT Guide is ushering in a new generation of national, state and local design manuals.

MassDOT has made the complete Guide available on their website.

This is the first comprehensive Separated Bike Lane Design Guide in North America to help practitioners move beyond concept planning and into detailed design.
The guide offers designs based a single sustainable safety principle: to minimize bicyclist exposure to high volume and high speed motor vehicle traffic.
Clear and compelling visuals connect the reader to guidance and help illustrate key concepts, such as protected intersections.
The Guide broke new ground in North America by illustrating separated bike lanes around roundabouts.

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