Project Summary

This project established guidance for bicycle and pedestrian safety at intersections, produced a thorough understanding of options to improve safety, and provided the understanding in an easy-to-use design guide for practitioners. The project’s literature review identified important gaps in current understanding and knowledge, and two of these gaps were investigated through original research conducted. The findings from the review and the original research were then packaged into a user-friendly, graphically oriented design guide that serves as a go-to reference for planners, engineers, and other interested parties seeking to improve bicycle and pedestrian safety at intersections. We helped with all aspects of the project and led the development of the design guide.

The project’s results were disseminated via a final report as well as webinars. This research will offer practitioners seeking to address safety issues at intersections with the latest research and best practices for developing treatments that work for people walking, biking, and driving. Once complete, it will move the industry forward with better designs for safer interactions between modes.

The figure above communicates our assessment and approach to countermeasure selection detailed in the NCHRP Guide.

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