Project Summary

Toole Design is leading the redesign of Main Street (Route 9), to provide safety and access for all users. The community-led design encompasses walking, biking, transit, and vehicular infrastructure; accessible parking and bike parking; and placemaking. Engagement included the implementation of a tactical demonstration project and an online StoryMap that provides project resources and tracks progress.

We are integrating climate resilience strategies by supporting a cooler, tree-shaded street through planting areas with greatly expanded soil access. Stormwater infiltrating curb extensions will help reduce storm impact on downstream drains while filtering pollutants. Careful material choices will further assist in reducing emissions and heat.

This redesign project is slated for construction in 2026 under the state Transportation Improvement Program. Once completed, Northampton’s Main Street will not only be a hub for community activism, arts, and culture, but also set the standard for investing in a safer, more accessible, and more climate-resilient streetscape.

The redesign of Northampton's Main Street seeks to improve safety and access for all users by narrowing the roadway, significantly expanding the sidewalk and public realm amenities, and providing dedicated bike facilities.

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