Project Summary

As a part of their Vision Zero program, the City of Philadelphia has put a special emphasis on preventing traffic fatalities for their most vulnerable residents: children and young adults. To assist them in reaching this goal, Toole Design revised Safe Routes Philly’s child safety education materials, messaging elements, and program evaluation metrics to support the Vision Zero initiative.

We developed numerous age-specific educational resources and safety messages. For the elementary schools, we created Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety and Skill lesson plans for teachers, and a safety-themed Activity Book for students. Toole Design also created Parent/Caregiver Tip Sheets and video storyboards to support Safe Routes Philly’s parent education efforts and encourage practicing safety skills at home to practice safety skills at home. For high school students, we created lessons that introduce more complex thinking on historical transportation practices and behaviors and how community transportation systems are designed.

This activity for younger students helps children learn how to walk and bike on city streets.

This activity is aimed at slightly older students to help them apply what they have learned to design a safer street themselves.

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