Project Summary

Toole Design is pleased to provide you with the Nudge Theory Board Game, a fun and engaging tool to use in your safe routes to school work.

Nudge Theory is one way of understanding and affecting choices people make. We are all affected by Nudge Theory when we make an impulse purchase of something on display in a check-out line. In the built environment, providing a pedestrian connection between two streets that creates a direct (and shorter) path of travel “nudges” people to walk, rather than drive.

The Nudge Theory Board Game kit includes:

  • An informational cover sheet
  • A printable board (with on-board instructions)
  • A set of 54 game cards suitable for middle school students, educators, and adults interested in SRTS work


Expertise Applied

How to play:

The Nudge Theory Board Game challenges players to travel from home to school, moving around the board based on decisions presented on cards. Players draw a card, read it, then move forward or backward based on the directions provided by the card. Cards that support and encourage walking and biking to school allow players to move forward. Cards that make it difficult or unsafe to walk and bike to school send players back. The number of spaces a player advances or moves back is related to the value or determent on the card.

How to use the game:

You can use the Nudge Theory Board Game to generate conversation about ways to make it safe and attractive for kids to walk and bike to school. Each time a player draws a card, encourage a brief conversation about how the directions on the card affect the player’s travel, and if there are examples of the card’s conditions in the local community. The game can be played in a classroom setting to introduce students to SRTS planning, as an indoor activity for bicycle training programs, or as an ice-breaker to kick-start conversations with SRTS stakeholders.

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