Project Summary

We helped envision a 64-acre brownfield site in Santa Fe with mobility and green infrastructure solutions to create a network of multimodal green streets, trails, pedestrian paseos, and urban plaza/open spaces. This district will transform over time from an existing higher education campus site into a vibrant mixed-use, urban district in the heart of Santa Fe. We led the effort on developing a comprehensive mobility vision for the Midtown Development site with a specific emphasis on intertwining green infrastructure within streetscape design and significantly increasing points of access into the development site where few opportunities exist today.

We attended an in-person “Listening Session” to gain a strong understanding of site conditions, concerns, and opportunities from various project stakeholders. From this, we prepared green infrastructure design best practices. From this, we prepared an overall phased connectivity framework and developed the principal goals of sustainable mobility to be used throughout Midtown. We also developed a series of illustrative cross-sections that represent the spectrum of streets planned for both public and private build out phases. All streets within the Midtown Development project site incorporate green infrastructure elements such as stormwater curb extensions, rain gardens, stormwater planters, pervious paving, and street trees.
Using community input after a Design Reporting session, we assisted in the refinement of graphics and narratives on the street-focused chapter of the Midtown Land Development Plan while also developing codes to regulate the design and potential locations of new and improved streets on the property.

Expertise Applied

During this project's Listening Session, we gained valuable insight from project stakeholders.
We prepared visuals for the Listening Sessions that helped stakeholders communicate concerns and identify opportunities for the brownfield.

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