Project Summary

To address concerns about street accessibility and floating bus stops in Montgomery County, the Maryland Washington Council of Governments hired Toole Design to improve access and safety for people with vision disabilities.  

We developed a groundbreaking street design and engagement toolkit. We also created a concept design for a prominent street in downtown Silver Spring. Following the successful pilot demonstration, initial opposition to floating bus stops from people with vision disabilities has diminished. In response, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) has launched additional accessibility-focused projects that were either explicitly recommended in the toolkit or inspired by it. The toolkit also serves as a comprehensive resource for jurisdictions across North America.

Drawing shows how to apply guidance strips, delineator strips, and other navigational cues for people with vision disabilities in a flush street design.


Close up of a tactile graphic showing a preliminary proposed intersection design.
Person with vision disabilities reviewing a tactile map of a preliminary concept for the Fenton Street and Ellsworth Drive intersection.
Participant in the Spring Street and Ellsworth Drive pilot demonstration tests a prototype accessible sign design. The pilot demonstration resulted from recommendations in the toolkit.
Participant navigating along Fenton Street. Wide driveways can be challenging for people with vision disabilities due to the lack of detectable edges.

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