Project Summary

Young Circle is large: at approximately 1,000 feet in diameter, seven streets intersect the circle, five of which serve as state or U.S. highways. There are three travel lanes circulating in one direction and six traffic signals. Hollywood’s Community Redevelopment Agency (CRA) initiated a process to re-conceptualize Young Circle as an integrated and memorable place. The goal of the new vision is to align with the area’s unique history and advances the community’s aspirations.

Toole Design conducted two one-week charrettes facilitating discussions to help understand current issues. We found that the public valued walkability, accessibility, and downtown’s parks and trees.

We identified 12 potential solutions, 3 of which were selected as viable. The final preferred alternative will allow two-way flow around the circle and is anticipated to reduce congestion by 77% during peak hours. It will provide safer speeds and easier wayfinding, be both transit- and pedestrian-friendly, and outperform the current signals for hurricane evacuation.

Expertise Applied

We transformed the feel and look of the Young Circle by converting the three-lane one-way traffic circle to two-way circle with four single-lane modern roundabouts and no traffic signals.
Our design for a multimodal Complete Streets network accessible for all users helps unlocked the economic opportunity of the circle by extending the vibrancy of downtown Hollywood into the circle.

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