#WLAM2018 Wrap-Up

Throughout the month of April, several Toole Design landscape architects and urban designers have walked you through different parts of our landscape architecture practice for World Landscape Architecture Month.Our #WLAM2018 campaign spanned our news page, Instagram, and Twitter accounts, and made guest appearances on LinkedIn and Facebook as well! Here are the highlights:

Teresa Damaske PLA WLAM2018 Streetscape Minicircle sharrowFor our first week, we met Teresa Damaske, PLA, who introduced herself and our firm as people who bike and walk the talk when it comes to sustainable infrastructure. She also helped us understand the value and importance of street trees in Seattle, and made the case for their inclusion in any landscape or streetscape.

Our second week took us to Spartanburg, SC, where landscape designer Bonnie Moser talked about the value of public engagement and design that is informed by the community. She tapped into the value of hosting public events at engaging places, like local brew-pubs, for helping to get the design and project feedback flowing.

For week 3 of #WLAM2018, we talked about equitable design and project processes in South Providence, RI. There, Boston-based landscape designer Stephanie Weyer talked about the importance of considering community experiences with city planning when discussing new projects, and highlighted the need for allowing previously-disenfranchised communities to shape and form projects in a way that reflects their needs and experiences.

Patrick Sweeney PLA Landscape Architecture WLAM2018 World Landscape Architecture MonthFinally, Patrick Sweeney, PLA, AICP talked about the connections between the built environment and the wild spaces that led him to the field of landscape architecture in the first place. Just like in nature, visual cues influence the behavior of people, and he highlights the ways that we can learn from birds and other living things when designing places for people to use sustainably – and save wild places when we do it.

Thank you for following along and learning more about our landscape architecture and urban design practice during #WLAM2018!

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