Toole Design Appoints New Board Members

Toole Design Group has named four new members to its Board of Directors. Charged with the long-term direction of the firm, the Board of Directors brings diverse viewpoints from across the company to provide input on key decisions.

“We are grateful to have such a talented group of people with incredible experience step up to be a part of the Board of Directors,” said Jennifer Toole, President. “As we celebrate our 15th year of business, I am confident that these additions to the Board will help us position the company for continued growth and success in the years to come.”

Alia Anderson, AICP is TDG’s Director of Planning, North America. Having worked at the intersection of transportation, land use, and community planning for more than a decade, Alia brings a wealth of knowledge about the planning profession and opportunities for TDG to expand our expertise and continue to advance innovative, imaginative solutions. Alia’s experience working at the local, regional, and national levels will help position TDG for growth and development into the future.

Andy Clarke is Director of Strategy for TDG. With more than 30 years of experience in bicycle and pedestrian policy in the US and abroad, Andy has credentials few can match in the active transportation field. Formerly the executive director of the Association of Pedestrian and Bicycle Professionals and President of the League of American Bicyclists, Andy has been involved in nearly every major development in bicycle and pedestrian policy and planning in the U.S. His broad experience and perspective will be a valuable addition to TDG’s Board of Directors as he helps the company prepare for the next 15 years.

Jessica Fields, PE, AICP has served as the Director of TDG’s Denver office for the past five years, building the office from its humble beginnings in a co-work space into a talented group of engineers and planners delivering high profile projects in Denver and throughout Colorado. Jessica has personally led some of TDG’s most important projects in the region, including the award-winning Denver Vision Zero Action Plan and final design for the 14th Street separated bike lane in downtown Denver. Her expertise in planning and engineering are reflective of the multidisciplinary roots of TDG, and her perspective as a branch office director will be an important part of her service on the Board.

Ian Lockwood, PE is a Livable Transportation Engineer and Director of TDG’s Orlando office, and is a recognized national leader in sustainable transportation and urban design. He has over 30 years of experience helping clients redesign their transportation networks to create more vibrant, versatile and sustainable communities. His expertise ranges from urban freeway teardowns to revitalizing small downtowns; university campuses to airports and brownfield redevelopments. A Harvard Loeb Fellow, Ian’s visionary approach to transformational projects will help TDG advance the state of the practice in transportation planning and design.

Following three years of exemplary leadership and service, Ciara Schlichting AICP, Ernie Boughman, AICP, and Melany Alliston-Brick, PE are rotating off the Board of Directors. During their time on the Board, Toole Design Group has expanded to 13 offices, grew to over 160 employees, and continued in its unwavering focus on client service.

Additionally, all three have taken new leadership roles within the company. Earlier this year, Ciara and Ernie were named Director of Operations for the Mid-Western and Southeastern US, respectively; today, Melany has been named Civil Engineering Practice Director, North America.

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